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Nordic Ski Club Of Milwaukee

22 photo(s) Updated on: Monday, March 20, 2017
  • Joy enjoying the sun
  • Even though they weren't provided on "Taste and Glide", Paul & Karen enjoy chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Paul demonstrating skate technique
  • Intrepid skiers challenging "Heart Attack" hill
  • John McCarthy skis too fast to stop for a photo op.
  • Paul Keber, Ann Riendl, Renee Couture and Sally Heuer (in front of child ski-sled) enjoy Taste & Glide Saturday.
  • Abominable snowshoer (Sally) and little Dorothy Riesing enjoy the snowshoe trail.
  • Yes, Sally DID fall on the snowshoe trail. Thanks for sharing the news, Dorothy.
  • Anne R and Dorothy R out on W?
  • Enjoying lunch and music at the Taste and Glide, VS
  • Beautiful scenery while snowshoeing
  • Kathy and Lori on G
  • Renee and Lori on G
  • Rita and Dorothy walking/snowshoeing
  • Joe Neidinger and Sally Heuer ski along the river on B trail.
  • Snow lizards lie in the creek along B trail.
  • Classic ski lessons!
  • Intrepid trip leader Stan Rosenstiel gave classic ski lessons on Saturday morning.
  • Cuting ice cream's chocolate chunks with a knife! …Ann at Falling Rock Café on Mar 3

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